Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Online Class

trees by Roberta Warshaw
trees, a photo by Roberta Warshaw on Flickr.
Today was the final lesson for the Extreme Composition class. I will probably do the projects for this last lesson but I'll see how I feel. I have a lot going on right now and when I am in my studio for those precious few minutes each day I only want to do my own work and not the class.

I think it is because the last few lessons have just not been that interesting to me. The work is just not my style or way of working and I can't make myself like it enough to do it.

I have been working hard when I can on getting the feel for layering and color with the acrylics. I am slowly getting more comfortable with them. I bought some glazing liquid and just love it! It is much nicer than using water for glazes! The colors stay truer.

I am also getting geared up for our annual trip to Tucson. This year we have rented a condo for two weeks. I think this will be better than staying in a hotel. We can make our own meals or go out. We are not tied to the restaurant routine. That gets old fast.

I bought some new Pitt pens and a couple of new sketch books. I always love to sketch when I am away on vacation. It is really the best time for me to draw since I can't bring paints. It is just me and the sketch book. I especially love drawing on the plane. Once we get out west the aerial views are astounding and interesting to me.

Hopefully everyone here can live without me for two weeks. I am taking my mom grocery shopping this weekend so she doesn't run out of food. My grandson better remember his keys or he will be locked out in the cold.

Ah the cold. Two weeks without it is going to be a real treat!

I will most likely post again at least one more time before I leave!


Connie Rose said...

Hi Roberta ~ I just had a good look at your work on Flickr, and I have to say your work is simply amazing. Your work with the Gelli plate is the best I've seen, you're the only artist who is using the gel plate as a real printing plate, instead of just fooling around with it (as I do). I love your botanical focus. It's really wonderful to see a body of work that holds together. Really awesome work, very inspiring!

Quinn said...

You will love Tucson--it will be close to 90 degrees this weekend, then settle back into the 70s and 80s. Tucson is a perfect sketching environment. I love their botanical garden--Tohono Chul--for the variety and the sketch-ability. Have fun!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I love Tohono Chul as well! We always go when we are out there. I could sit there from morning until night...........

Michèle Brown said...

Wow, this is great! Don't worry about the class work, I also found it hard as it's not my way of working either.Maybe you can adapt the lessons a bit to make them have more relevance at some other time. Meanwhile you enjoy your holiday !