Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Abstraction Class

Untitled Abstraction
I am currently taking an online class with Karine Swenson called "Introduction to Abstract Painting". It is an interesting class for me to take since my love of nature is always quite evident in my work. I have a hard time making "nothing" look like "something". I always want to add a flower or a tree or something from the natural world. Even in this abstract piece I feel that the natural world is coming through loud and clear.

I think that I  told you I recently found some interesting books and videos by Nancy Reyner that have helped me learn some new techniques and in learning them I am finding them to be very helpful in painting abstractly.

In this piece I used high solid gel colored with fluid paint. While it was still wet, I incised lines into it and I then used some interference gold paint to enhance the lines.

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john said...

This is totally amazing! I love everything about it...color, texture superb!