Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Map Flowers
Yes, where have I been? I think this is the longest I have gone without blogging. To make a long story short I was sick for over a week with a horrible cold, then I got a toothache and ended up having the tooth pulled. The tooth is in the back so it cannot be seen, but it is never a nice thing to lose a tooth.

I have also been taking an online course with Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozen called Layer Love 2.0. I am loving this class. They are fantastic teachers. And I mean fantastic! Best class ever so far that I have taken online. One new thing I learned is how to paint with the palette knife! Where has it been all my painting life????? Better than the credit card by far and easier to clean. I am in love with the technique! I am using this palette knife from Dick Blick.

One of the products we are using in the class is Golden Open Acrylics. Now I have used these paints before almost exclusively with my gelatin printing since they stay wet longer on the plate and you can get multiple prints that way. But for painting with a brush I have not been enjoying them. They seem so gooey to me and they take too long to dry. I get impatient.  So for a while I will be sticking to the acrylic glazing medium since that is what works for me. But I do love painting with the brayer and the palette knife. This piece is on water color paper. I first scraped and added paint with the palette knife. Then when it was covered I added the torn map pieces. I have been playing around with using pieces of torn paper for a while now but this class has really helped me realize my ambitions with that quite a bit. I then brayered a mix of titanium white and buff over the entire piece. I glazed the map pieces and added a shadow using micaceous iron oxide. The lines are made with Pitt pen. Not ideal but at least they are more or less permanent. I can see here where the open paint would work better for incising the lines. I am letting it sit for a while to see if it is finished. I have a feeling it is since it is on paper and paper cannot take as many layers as canvas or panel.

Thanks Julie and Chris for your wonderful lessons and books and DVD's!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sonoran Desert Painting Series

Desert Muse #4
I am enjoying this small series I am doing of my memories of the Sonoran Desert. I especially like the jewel like tones in this one. I have found that by tearing up small pieces of rice paper and pasting them on the panel first, I get a lovely, absorbent  texture to paint on.

I am keeping this post short today. I have a lot going on.

Have a lovely week!