Thursday, May 1, 2014

Micaceous Iron Oxide

Today I discovered a new color called Micaceous Iron Oxide. I had heard of it before but never tried painting with it. It is quite different in look and feel than other Golden Paints but it really gives an interesting color and texture when mixed with other colors. It is hard to see in the scan but take my word it is well worth buying this color!

It works particularly well in glazes. On page 92 of the book Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard there are multiple formulas for some fantastic glazes using this as well as other metallic paints. In the painting above I used a couple of different ones for glazing.

I spent the day today mixing up some of these glazes which you can see here:
Sample glazes
I couldn't make all the glazes as I am missing a couple of colors. Isn't that always the case though?


Robbie said...

Color is great!!! Not sure I've ever heard of it!!! Thanks for sharing your expertise!!! Glazes are great as well!!!

Connie Rose said...

Great glazes. I adore that painting. I love that micaceous stuff.

Dee Spillane said...

Love this and your paintings

FarStarr said...

I LOVE Micaceous Iron Oxide and your glazes are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips. I love the magic ofvglazing and will make a note of this Colorado.

Karen Isaacson said...

funny - I just ordered some for the first time. (since I'm working through that book and saw that very page!) now I'm even more excited for my order to arrive next week.

Quinn said...

Your glazes are wonderful--ancient, clean, historic. I'm a big fan of Micaceous Iron Oxide, and love how you've used it here!

Joanne Holtje said...

Oh, man yea!
I love the micaceous iron oxide.
the purple/grey color and the gritty texture is the best.

Diane AZ said...

Interesting, I had never heard of Micaceous Iron Oxide. Beautiful tree, the colors and textures are lovely. :)

Threadpainter said...

Hi Roberta,
I went straight to 'Google' to find out more about this paint ... wow, how gorgeous is that !!! Art store, here I come !
I love your yellow flower !