Friday, May 23, 2014

Sharp Things Everywhere!

I cannot seem to get cactus out of my head. I just love the prickly nature of the desert. I have been trying to capture that "prickliness" in my work. When I look at the Sonoran desert, I see it as one big vast sea of needles! Needles and sharp things everywhere! I have been scribing into the paint and that seems to capture the prickliness very well. I make a glaze using high gloss gel and paint with it using a brush. I then use an old jewelry tool to do the scribing.

Have a lovely long weekend all!


Connie Rose said...

These are so cool. I did a couple quilts a few years ago with cactus on them and they were fun to do. Have a great weekend!

Quinn said...

When I first moved here, I believed that every single plant had spines or thorns. Many of them do. Even lemon and orange trees!

The area from Phoenix to Tucson was once a sea, and volcanoes built the desert floor--which is why it is not sandy, but rocky.

Karen Isaacson said...

I love the effect of the scribing. There's a nice dimensional effect from a distance that draws you in. then when I click to enlarge the picture - WOW. such gorgeous detail.