Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blown Flower Series

Blown Flowers
This is another flower painting I did from the blown flower series I am working on from my recent class. I really like the technique and would like to try it with some of the high flow acrylics to see the differences in the two types of paint. I haven't yet tried the technique with the canned air but that is next on my agenda. I have to say that all that blowing through a straw can be a little tiring!

This painting made it onto Flickr Explore which was a lovely surprise!

I am glad that I am back to painting flowers again. I stopped a few years ago to work on landscapes but the flowers seem to be coming back and it feels right.

This is the last week of school. I will be so happy when my grandson is at camp and I no longer have to be the homework nag! It is exhausting. Last night he had a ton of sex education homework to do. Luckily his uncle, my son, was here to save the day and have all those discussions with him. I couldn't have done it myself! It was very graphic!

Camp will be a nice break for both of us!

Thursday is his graduation from middle school. Next year high school. Who could have imagined....

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Laura Chalifoux said...

Roberta...I love this painting! The colors, textures, lines -- all amazing. Once I have a car again, we'll have to reschedule a visit. I know I'm not going to be leaving with only one piece of your work. :-)