Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Another Class!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am afraid it is true. I have taken yet another online class! I know I said I was taking a break but this one was too good to pass up. I have taken previous classes with Carla Sonheim but this one was with Diane Culhane. There were so many new techniques in the class I don't know which one to do first! One of the really big take-aways I got from the class was to use a gessoboard or a birch board as your palette. At the end of your painting session be sure and spread out the lumps of paint and in the end you have a nice abstract board to begin painting on rather than a blank white one. Very helpful if you are like me and get intimidated by the blank white board.

These flowers are done using a blown paint technique. You can use either a straw or a canned gas like you would use on a computer keyboard for cleaning. I just blew and blew and blew.

I like the abstract quality of the flowers yet they still read as flowers.

Well, back to work and have a great weekend!


Connie Rose said...

Really cool painting! Hmmm, I guess you could just as easily use a canvas panel as a palette. Great idea, BTW.

Robbie said...

Great tip on the palette! And the flower is WONDERFUL!!!

Quinn said...

this is such a great post--not only do I love the palette tip, but this artwork is just so inventive and alive!