Monday, August 4, 2014

Acrylic Skins

Acrylic Skin Pods

I have been experimenting lately with making acrylic skins. In my Mucho Metallics class by Julie Prichard she shows an interesting way to make them by making them small rather than large and unwieldy.  I really don't like cutting the skins up. They are hard to cut and I don't like the cut edge so much. I make them in the shape I want them to be and then there is no cutting at all. You just need to be sure the paint is thick but not too thick. I also don't want them standing up too high on the piece. You can see some samples of what I am talking about below:

Acrylic Skins


Nancy Goldman said...

Very creative. The acrylic skins look really good in this painting.

Martha Marshall said...

Your work always makes me smile. Glad you posted this to facebook to remind me to stop in. Love these! I make a lot of skins of all sizes and most of them end up in my heavily textured paintings.