Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer is Flying!

Striped Pods
I cannot believe it is August already. And I am finding it harder to believe that there is only one week of camp left. I have been enjoying my free wheeling/ free painting summer days so much and I will miss them when they come to an end with the start of school.

I am still making acrylic skins rather obsessively! They are highly addictive. I really like these striped ones in the above painting. I made them by using clear gloss medium with black fluid acrylic paint for the lines. They are very organic looking to me!

I have been working on my online store site here where you can find my newest pieces of art for sale. I am trying to get away from Etsy since I hate giving them a cut of my profits. You can also find it by clicking the link at the top of this post that says Online Store.

Going to the movies tomorrow afternoon since it is my husbands last summer Friday. Going to see the new Woody Allen movie with Colin still my heart!


Wendy Watson said...

You're reluctant saying goodbye to summer and I'm looking forward to saying hello to spring . . . even though the winter has been mild. Love the pods . . . I can see me to putting away the weaving and getting out the acrylics!

Quinn said...

Your summer ends so early. It will stay above 100ºF in the daytime through September for us. But still, the sun is losing strength. (We are grateful). Your work is just mesmerizing.

Jo Murray said...

Your pods, in all their incarnations, are just delightful.