Thursday, November 6, 2014

Patterns, Patterns and More Patterns!

One of the things I like to do at night while I am relaxing is sketch in my sketch book. It is a good time to do that because I am not concerned with making art. Just drawing and gathering ideas. One of the things I have been drawing a lot of lately are these chevron squares as you see below.
I have drawn many of them,  each time changing up the lines and angles. I used one of these as the background texture in the above design.

I also re-purposed an old stencil I created from my gelli printing days for the floral motif. I am finding that a lot of my old artwork works rather well for pattern designing in Adobe Illustrator.

Here are the two elements I used in this design:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Wendy Watson said...

I'm loving the hand drawn chevrons. loving in fact. And as soon as this Christmas sale is over (Wednesday) at my grandhearts' school and I've finished this weaving course (Sunday) . . . I'm making another gelatine plate and some more stencils! Fun, fun, fun!

Threadpainter said...

wow ... like the repeats of your designs !