Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Different Palette

Still taking my classes. Still learning about pattern design. I find that I am quite partial to an entirely different color scheme when working electronically. When I am working with paint I usually tend to go toward greens and purples but I find I am quite drawn to a more neutral palette. Of course it could all change tomorrow. I am a bit fickle art-wise, as if you didn't already know that about me.

I still don't know what I am doing as far as repeats go. But I am improving somewhat. I really like the way my pods came out when I transferred them to Illustrator.

Tomorrow we are taking a day to go over to the MFA and see the Goya exhibit. I know it will be crowded but it is the only day my husband can go. I still have 3 other shows I want to see before they leave the area. There is a Calder show up in Salem at the Peabody Essex Museum and I just found out about a textile design show up in Lowell at the Museum of Textiles. After that I need to get over to the Fogg. It has been closed for renovations for 6 long years. I think I might wait on that one since it is sure to be a mob scene for a while.

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Michèle Brown said...

I love this, it has a real 1950s look to it. Fantastic !