Saturday, December 13, 2014

Digital Work

I am coming along in my newly learned Illustrator skills. Mastering the pen tool is something I have been working hard on for the past few days. I used the pen tool for the vase and then filled it with one of the plaid patterns that I created in my Rachel Taylor class. I also recently purchased a new Pantone swatch fan book since my old ones were at least 15 years old. I love all the new colors!

They also have added a new feature called "Pantone Color Manager" software. It is a separate application that you can download from their web site after you register your new products. It allows you to create palettes from photographs using Pantone colors! I love that feature. I used it to generate this palette.

I am really enjoying working digitally again. Except now I need a new external hard drive since my old one is quite full......oh well small price to pay!


Wendy Watson said...

Love the work, and because I have NEVER created digitally it intrigues me greatly . . . but I miss seeing your 'other' work as well, the bud and pods, prints and painting. I checked back through Flickr and can often see those same crisp lines that are dominating your work now.

Quinn said...

It's so wonderful to watch your expanding skills as you take classes. Love this!