Friday, February 6, 2015

New Pattern Friday

I am beginning to lose all track of time. It is weeks now since I became sick with pneumonia. I have only been out of the house twice and that was to go to the doctors. I am feeling a bit better. However, this isn't the type of illness where all of a sudden you feel much better and go about your business as usual. It will be weeks before I can swim again since my lungs need to heal. The last thing I want is a relapse so I need to be very careful. I feel so fragile.

This winter has been brutal weather-wise. So I couldn't go out if I wanted to. It is easy to become hopeless when you are ill and when you can't go out. I have been in my studio for the past few days and so have been playing around with patterns again which at least helps me feel less depressed.

Before I became ill I signed up for Pattern Camp which is this weekend. It is all weekend and it is supposed to be quite intensive. I will do what I can and not worry about what I can't get done.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I will try to as well.


Wendy Watson said...

One morning you will get up and reliase you feel just that little bit better . . . and the sun will shine a little brighter and you'll use yellow and orange and turquoise or some other combination just for the sheer hell of it!

Robbie said...

Do take care...I start to feel good...then off doing my thing and then BAM...hits me all over again!!!! UGH...enjoy your weekend!!! And take it easy!

Candace said...

Feel better, how dreadful.

Celeste said...

Oh Roberta, I am so sorry that you are ill. Hang in there, hopefully the lousy weather will move out soon. It sounds as though you are doing a good job of pacing yourself, that is key.
Thank goodness you have your art work to help pass the time. I am sending all good wishes your way for a speedy recovery.

Michèle Brown said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling fragile. You need to give yourself time as well as doing what you can to feel a bit more normal. So gentle art making is my prescription !