Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Post Vacation Work

I did a bit of sketching during my first week out in Tucson. Now I am sorting through the sketches and creating some artwork with them. It was a whirlwind trip and we ended up house hunting while we were there. It looks like we may have bought a condo but of course the bank always has the final word so now we wait and see if they will finance it.

When we arrived home we arrived to a broken furnace so we are in the midst of replacing that as well! It is turning out to be an expensive vacation and post vacation. But we had a wonderful time out there. We both love the desert so much. It is funny because when I see the Sonoran desert I don't see brown. I see so much color everywhere. the color of the light during sunset on the mountains, the green of the cactus and the palo verde trees. Some friends ask me what there is to like about brown. I just say it isn't that brown and leave it at that. Most people have preconceived notions of what the desert looks like and no matter what you say, that is what they think. Who am I to argue?

We are both looking forward to being able to go there whenever we want. And perhaps living there permanently when my husband retires. It is something for just us. We really need it.

Here are a couple of other color ways for the above design:

Have a good week!


Threadpainter said...

Glad you had a grand vacation and I hope the bank will be on your side. We visited Arizona twice in the late 70's and loved it there ... and you are right
lots of colour !
But, it is hard to make most people 'see' beyond their preconceived ideas ... It took me 3 years to help my aunt 'see' winter trees as things of beauty. In her mind they were nothing without leaves ... now she 'sees' them (like I do) as beautiful 'ladies -in-waiting' ;)
Spring is almost here ;) !

Michèle Brown said...

lovely patterns !