Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Condo

Well here it is! Tomorrow we close on our Tucson condo! Today we attended our first condo association meeting and met some of our new neighbors. We are excited beyond words. We never imagined we would actually have a place like this to live.

This is the living room. Note the lovely wood burning fireplace.

The dining area adjoining the kitchen

The front porch with ceiling fans for those extra hot days.

This is the front of our building. Ours is the downstairs unit.

One of the pools. There are two.

There is also a tennis court and two hot tubs.

It is like living at a resort.



Gina said...

Wow! That looks lovely. No wonder you are excited.

Unknown said...

Fantastic. I know you will be happy there.

Connie Rose said...

Wow! As much as I hate to travel, I might have to visit...I adore the desert! Good for you, I'm so glad for you!! xo

Robbie said...

So happy for you!!!!! It's wonderful!!!! And AZ is a great place isn't it!

Threadpainter said...

What a great place ! You are going to really enjoy this ! Thanks for the look inside ;)

jackie said...

Good luck in your new home it looks and sounds amazing.