Saturday, May 2, 2015

Back in Boston

Yes, I am back in Boston now. To the freezy cold.....It just won't warm up this year. It was a shock to come back to having the heat on all the time, no birds singing, no morning walks in the shadow of the mountains. It was hard coming back.

I designed this pattern on the plane after my tearful goodbye to my new home. The hardest thing for me was driving to the airport. I just wanted to turn around and go home. That is how I feel now about my new home in the desert foothills. Many friends I know have two homes and seem to adjust perfectly well between coming and going. I am not really the type of person who likes doing that so much. I prefer to just be living in one place. But I had to come back east. My husband is still here.

I do still have much to do here anyway. I am still selling off my book collection on Amazon. This week I sold a $300 book. I could not believe that someone actually paid $300 for a book but they did and I was pleased. I still have a ton of books left though.

And I need to clean out closets and get rid of things I rarely use. I hope to be out in Arizona by October with my husband coming later in the year. I am still not sure how it is all going to play out. I just know I really don't want to have to wait too long to enjoy my new home.

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