Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Moleskin!

I have been drawing so much lately and it just feels right to me. I still remember many years ago I had an artist friend who attended Pratt in NYC back in the 1970's. She said that during the first two years of study students were not allowed to paint. Only draw, draw, draw. She said she drew sometimes upwards of eight hours a day. WOW! That is quite a bit of drawing. But it gets you where you need to be. I can't draw that long but I am finding myself having to focus really hard on staying with some of these drawings.

I bought myself a lovely Moleskin sketch book. This was my first time using one of these and I can honestly say, the paper feels quite luxurious. Very smooth and buttery although I would like it a little better if the paper were whiter. I like a bright white but this has a very different creamy look.

This one below is still in progress. I am fighting to stay with it but I am determined to finish it since I always want to move on to the next page!

In between drawing I have been trying to do one thing a day towards my big move to Tucson coming up in October. Trying to figure out what to keep, what to sell, what to give away. Too much stuff really! I still don't know how I managed to accumulate so much stuff. Being an artist doesn't help at all since you have ALL the paints, ALL the paintings, ALL the other supplies, the printer, the scanner etc. I plan on shipping most things out there via UPS. A moving truck makes no sense since no furniture is coming. Just shipping the car. And I still have no idea how I am going to get the cat out there. She is very old and cranky and will howl her brains out the entire way. Not looking forward to that on the plane I can tell you!


Wendy Watson said...

I really like the movement in these drawings Roberta and have wondered about why the paper in these sketch books is cream. I don't mind it myself . . . but I have wondered what lies behind the company's choice.

Good luck with the sort out. I thought I had got rid of all the superfluous things when I left to live overseas for a time . . . no such luck. Now I not only have that to deal with but almost 7 years of living away and momentoes from all the travel I did as well. I'm not moving again . . . EVER!

Thomas LaBadia said...

This is absolutely beautiful Roberta

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

love this

Jo Murray said...

Your patterns are SO lovely. The 'finishing off' might be repetitive, but very worthwhile, and perhaps a meditative exercise too. Good luck with the 'decluttering'...I dread the thought of ever moving.