Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pattern #215

I found this lovely flower on my walk back from swimming yesterday. I loved the way it was decaying and had lost one leaf. It made it more interesting to draw. When I lived in Florida nothing gave me more pleasure than drawing dead and dying banana leaves. They really get interesting when they are past their prime.

So I made this pattern from the drawing. I am still working on the colors. When you make patterns in Illustrator it is easy to change the colors. In photoshop it is not that easy.

This weekend I worked on getting my logo/header to match all my other web sites. Every one of them had a different look. Not good. So now I think they have a more cohesive look.

I just love making patterns so much. There seems to be no end in sight and I am grateful for that!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sakura Souffle Pens

I got my pack of Souffle pens the other day from Jet pens. These pens have the same lovely matte finish as the Moonlight pens do, however, the colors are pastel. They are very lovely and go on smoothly the same way as the rest of the Gelly Pens do. I love the way they resemble gouache but with the pointy pen tip I can really get a tight drawing.

For the one below I put it into Photoshop and using the offset filter, created this lovely pattern. It is not perfect yet. The offset filter is a bit trickier than making a repeat in Illustrator.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moonlight Pens

I am really enjoying these pens from Sakura called "Moonlight" pens. I just wish they came in more colors since I am not a fan of the neon colors that come in the set. I wish they had another set available with non-neon colors. The colors are so rich and have a lovely matte finish. I took the above design and rather than make it into an illustrator pattern as I usually do, I created the pattern in Photoshop. Making patterns in Photoshop is a little tricky with the offset filter but I like the idea of not losing any quality in the original artwork.

Enjoy your week!

Monday, June 8, 2015

More Patterns

This is the original drawing from my sketchbook. I thought it looked very much like falling seed pods. That seems to be an ongoing theme in my artwork. A few years ago I sold a collage that I titled "Falling Seedpods."

I seem to really enjoy making what is called a "tossed" repeat pattern. A tossed repeat is a pattern that can be used in any direction. Seams don't need to match up when sewing with it and I think that is a good thing. When I used to sew I never enjoyed matching seams up!

So here is the pattern I created from this drawing in 3 different colorways.

Monday, June 1, 2015

#200th Pattern Design

I have been making patterns Since September of 2014 and this is my 200th pattern! I thought it was worth noting this milestone! Of course not all 200 have been noteworthy but it is interesting to see how far I have come with these and how they develop over time.

Here it is in a second colorway: