Monday, June 8, 2015

More Patterns

This is the original drawing from my sketchbook. I thought it looked very much like falling seed pods. That seems to be an ongoing theme in my artwork. A few years ago I sold a collage that I titled "Falling Seedpods."

I seem to really enjoy making what is called a "tossed" repeat pattern. A tossed repeat is a pattern that can be used in any direction. Seams don't need to match up when sewing with it and I think that is a good thing. When I used to sew I never enjoyed matching seams up!

So here is the pattern I created from this drawing in 3 different colorways.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Man, that black grabbed my attention!! It just pops out at you and looks kind of regal. Good pattern in a great colorway.

Laura Chalifoux said...

Roberta, I *need* fabric with this pattern in the aqua/turquoise colorway for a skirt. A nice full A-line pattern, maybe.

I'll wear it with a very nice white v-neck dressy tank top I got recently from J. Jill.

Will have to shop for sandals in just the right light brown finish on the leather, but that shouldn't be too hard. Maybe a purse to match the shoes - a clutch, perhaps.

Jewelry that combines pearls and silver.

What to do about a sweater/jacket/wrap? Maybe one of those simple unstructured white drapey jacket things, with a little sashiko embroidery in matching colors.

And of course: a tan. :-)