Friday, June 19, 2015

Sakura Souffle Pens

I got my pack of Souffle pens the other day from Jet pens. These pens have the same lovely matte finish as the Moonlight pens do, however, the colors are pastel. They are very lovely and go on smoothly the same way as the rest of the Gelly Pens do. I love the way they resemble gouache but with the pointy pen tip I can really get a tight drawing.

For the one below I put it into Photoshop and using the offset filter, created this lovely pattern. It is not perfect yet. The offset filter is a bit trickier than making a repeat in Illustrator.

1 comment:

Diane AZ said...

I especially love the second pattern, reminds me of a liberated quilt, very creative and mesmerizing. :)