Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer in Tucson

Desert Spiny Lizard at Tohono Chul Park

The heat is on here in Tucson but it is still delightful to be here in our new home for the small slice of time that we have. We haven't been here since April and the house was needing our TLC just as much as we were needing the peace we feel here. We really do feel like we are home here. Boston doesn't feel that way anymore. We don't even say "back home". We say "back east."

We have been taking our grandson around to some local places that we have been to as well as some we had never been to. We visited the Pima Air and Space Museum for the first time. We all really liked it. It is a fascinating place. Especially the tour of the "Boneyard". When you see it for the first time, it makes you realize how much money we spend on war! Yikes! Your tax dollars at work!

We also spent a day on Mount Lemmon and my grandson and I took the ski lift to the top! The views were amazing but my camera was full and so I couldn't take any photos. I will just have to go back! Which I will once we are out here for good.

We also introduced him to a few of our favorite restaurants. The Westward Look, El Charro and Risky Business to name a few.

We are enjoying the pool in the morning and evening. Daytime is too hot to be outside. The rains are amazing! And the lightning displays beyond description.

I will be sad to go "back east" but counting the days until our next visit home......


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It almost sounds like a dream vacation!! I bet Tuscon is a much slower pace. Seeing cool and interesting places with our grands is always a good day!!

Quinn said...

When you write about Tucson with such love and appreciation of the natural world, it makes my heart jump for joy! I'm so glad you feel like the desert is home; I feel the same way and have for almost eight years now! "Back East" is what we call it, too, no longer "home."

Pat said...

Hi! Can you send me your email? I have a question. Thanks!

jackie said...

Thank you for introducing me to Skillshare.
I hope you will soon have more time to spend in your new home, and that the life will calm down for you.