Saturday, October 17, 2015

Aerial View?

 These are beginning to look like aerial views to me. Whenever I fly across the country I am mesmerized by the way things look from up high. I am especially enthralled by the views over New Mexico and Texas. The vast expanses of nothingness with circular green crops a midst squares and rectangles of brown dust. I am following this series along where it takes me but this is the closest I have come to painting what I see from a plane.


artybecca said...

I have flown to Colorado many times and love seeing the circle crop fields of green among the brown.
Your rectangles remind me of a time when I saw an "overlaid" darker area that crossed through several different fields. I couldn't figure out what it was but finally realized it was the shape of what must have been a slight depression in the earth where water settled and caused whatever plant was growing in the depression to be slightly richer and darker than what was around it. It could only be seen from up high; it would never be noticed on the ground. Once I noticed it, I kept seeing it more and more in other fields.

Robbie said... does look like the terrain from the air!!! I see corn, wheat...yada, yada!!! Nicely done my friend! Nicely done!