Friday, December 25, 2015


I am finally here in Tucson for Christmas vacation! Yesterday was a long grueling day of flight delays and schlepping through airports. Traveling on Christmas Eve is a tough one since no one wants to be working and everyone just wants to be home with their families. I get it but jeeze.....I am still recovering from the stress! Everything hurts today!

My house was a sight for sore eyes. Although as soon as we walked in the door a giant spider was here to greet us! When I left this summer these cactus plants were much smaller. My upstairs neighbor is looking out for it by bringing it off the porch so it can get rained on. What a nice thing to do! People out here are so nice!

Today we are off to a friends for a Christmas day BBQ which will be lovely! I look forward to each and every day out here.

Happy holiday  to everyone and Happy New Year as well!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

So glad you are spending the holiday in the place you love so much. How long will you be able to enjoy that wonderful desert?
Happy New Year

Robbie said...

Have a great time!!!! So glad you made it safe and sound!