Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I have mentioned before that I have been taking many online courses to keep me engaged with my art and with some new forms of it. It helps with the stress which is still ongoing.

There are some good classes out there and I am always looking at Carla Sonheim's web site to see what new classes she is offering. I really like her classes a lot. She has some really interesting people teaching them (as well as herself). I recently discovered the classes of Lynn Whipple on there. I took one called the Joy of Collage and another called WordPlay. This is a collage utilizing what I learned in each class.

I have to tell you that I am really, really starting to miss my studio. Collage work is so messy! It is hard to do it on a tiny desk, in a tiny bedroom, in a tiny apartment.

But I must go on. I can't let it stop me from working.

15 days until school vacation and Tucson.


Robbie said...

Hang in there...the weeks will go by quickly and you'll be in Tucson before you know it! I still think some of your work should be printed on fabric..or perhaps I should take one of your pieces and we can collaborate on a piece! I love, love the 'mountains' you did on your November 29th piece!!!!

Connie Rose said...

Cool collage! I love Lynn Whipple's work! Happy Holidays, Roberta. Hugs.