Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I came back from Tucson with some much needed inspiration. It is funny, I didn't do much art while I was out there. I was too busy walking and hiking and enjoying life out there. I love my house more every time I go there. It has become a sanctuary. A temple of sorts. I am so relaxed in it.

I had my first party on New Years Eve. It was wonderful to share my house with my good friends. My grandson really enjoyed himself this time as it was a great temperature for hiking. He climbed the entire phone line trail at Sabino Canyon. We also took him to the Desert Museum which was seriously packed since it was Christmas vacation week and every kid in Tucson was there! Yikes! We couldn't get anywhere near the Raptor show. We will have to go again when it is less busy.

In the meantime I have joined an Instagram challenge to create a letter every day in January. I first sketch them in my sketchbook and then I digitize them in Illustrator. They are filled with my patterns from my pattern making adventures last year. If you are ever having trouble learning the pen tool just try creating type with it! It is a crash course in making perfect curves!

In 38 days I will be in Tucson again. In the meantime I will make art.

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Robbie said...

I am SO happy for you, Roberta, that you had such a wonderful time in AZ! Glad your grandson also enjoyed the beautiful landscape and sights!!! 38 days will go by fast!!!