Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We are out in Tucson for the week enjoying a respite from the freezing cold as well as visiting our lovely, lovely home here. Each time I come here I love it even more. The weather has been sublime and we have been swimming every day.

On Sunday we were able to catch the final day of the gem show. I bought myself a lovely Netsuke. My aunt in California collects these and I was inspired to begin my own small collection. So this is my first piece. My grandson loved the malachite and so he purchased this piece:

My husband also purchased a couple of lovely mineral specimans.

Today we are going to visit the University for my grandsons first college tour. That should be inspiring for him.

We look forward to moving out here permanently in June of 2018. For now we are grateful to have this lovely home as a sanctuary from our stressful lives.


Robbie said...

Keep enjoying your time!!! Love the new purchases!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I was confused because I thought you had already moved there permanently. Gosh, I wish WE could. Love that little figurine!
Xx, Carol