Wednesday, March 16, 2016


These are a few new patterns I have been working on this week.  Between making patterns and playing around with letter forms, I have been keeping at it.

My grandson has started drivers ed this week. Oh joy. So scary with all the traffic but he has to learn. In April we are going out to Tucson again for one last trip until August. That seems such a long time between trips but we need to go when he is on vacation and that is the last of the school vacations as he has a job this summer at his camp.

If it seems like I am living from one trip to Arizona to the next, I am.


Artgarden said...

Love your patterns! On the tulip pattern, is that a half-drop, or side repeat? I can't figure it out!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

great designs. the bottom one reminds me of tulips. Have a great week in the SW. Smart move sending the kids to driver's ed. My youngest GS is 18 and has no desire to all. I've read that lots of kids today have no desire to drive. OK, I see it in a big city, but we are rural.
xx, Carol