Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Looking forward to re-uniting with my desert on Saturday. This visit will be bittersweet though since we won't be getting out there again until late August after camp ends and before school begins.  Then not until next Christmas. It is a long time to be away but that is what it is right now. It is not easy.

Meanwhile still trying to paint in the bedroom. I managed to get paint on the curtains. Ugh. But the acrylics are what I need right now. Thick and creamy. I like the gouache as well but right now it is acrylics. I am also in the process of making value studies using every color I have to see how they react with the addition of black for shades and the addition of white for tints.

Here are a couple of examples of that project.

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Robbie said...

Enjoy your time out west..it will refresh you and the time will go by quickly for your next trip!