Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Seth Apter has a new DVD out that turned out to be quite a game changer for me. It is called "Top Ten Collage Principles". As it turns out it could be called Top 10 composition principles since these ideas can all be applied to painting as well.

The DVD is downloadable, which I what I did since I am so impatient to wait for the delivery of things. Anyway, they are the same and once I add it to my itunes playlist I can watch anytime I want to. I watched it through once and then I watched it again while working. There are 10 different small collages that you create. Each one represents one of the "Principles". They are not meant to be finished works of art, just samples in the event you become stuck and are finding it difficult to move forward with a piece. These are just a few of the samples I created from the class. They are each labeled on the back as to which principle they represent.

For $20 you cannot beat the price and Seth is a great teacher. For someone like me who cannot get to classes and workshops all over the world, this DVD was a really great find!

Thanks Seth!


Threadpainter said...

Really like your collage work ... seriously thinking about purchasing that DVD !

Robbie said...

These are really nice and very interesting! Just love what you've been doing this last year or so! NICE!

Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

I love your samples Roberta . . . sampling is great . . . really useful.

elenor said...

Your collages are great!
Thanks for telling and recommending about this dvd. I want to purchase it. Downloadable means for me that I'll have it immediately and without postal charges.

elenor said...

Already downloaded the dvd and watched it once. As you said it's great and absolutely worth it's price. Many things are new to me. I'm no trained artist as you are so I'm not yet able to transform them into such great new works.
I like your abstract collage sheets and have some questions. Maybe you are willing to answer them.
Do you create your collage papers already with an idea of how you want to use them in mind? I'd like to see some of your collage papers - would you be so kind to show ?
Couldn't you please show the other samples of the 10 principles and tell which one they present? Most of the principle in your shown collages I can assign - but not in the last one.
Roberta, I hope you don't consider me impudent knowing that are many questions and requests.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.