Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I have been enjoying collage making lately. It is a great way to practice composition as you can "rehearse" the placement of images as opposed to painting where if it is in the wrong place all you can do is paint over it and over it and wait for the paint to dry etc.

I love moving things around and seeing where the perfect placement is. When they land there, you know it and there is no where else it should go. The sweet spot so-to-speak.

This week will be a bear for driving as my grandson will be going to his camp for orientation as a counselor. Camp is over an hour away and in rush hour, well........He has been going to the camp for many years but this will be his first year not as a camper. I wonder how that will be for him. I know he had wanted the older kids but he is in charge of the first graders. So hopefully it will all work out. And hopefully no head lice as the younger kids usually always get those going around.

Anyway, once camp starts for real next week things should settle down and I won't have to drive since he will take the bus.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Camp will be good for him!! My youngest grandson, Kyle, is the director of the elementary ages kid's youth group. He is at camp this week as a counselor to the teen kids. I checked in with him the other night when I saw a storm blew through the area where the camp it. He is having a great time. It's like a vacation for him! He'll go back in a few weeks to councel the young kids.
xx, Carol

Robbie said...

This is a great opportunity for your grandson!! How exciting...actually, I would think the younger folks would be easier to work with rather than 'teens'...good luck!

Nalo Souleyman said...

Beautiful ! !