Thursday, June 9, 2016


Cloud and Rocks
Sometimes it takes adding a new color to your palette to change things up a bit. I recently discovered Pyrrole Red. It is very similar to Cadmium Red but more transparent and without the toxicity. I have always loved Cadmium Red in spite of the care needed when using it so this is a great discovery for me. I can coax some lovely hues out of it with only the addition of Titan Buff and Bone Black.

I can see that I will be using this color for some time while I experiment with it in a variety of ways.

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Gayle said...

Thank you Roberta for this great tip. I've had a tube of Pyrrole Red for quite a while and may have used it occasionally in acrylic paintings but I am certainly going to revisit that tube in my next mixed media experiments. Love the effect with Titan Buff which is a colour that I've only recently begun to appreciate - Again, thanks to bloggers such as yourself!