Saturday, July 30, 2016


Summer Robe
I bet you already know where I am going in a few weeks. Anytime I start to get really homesick for my desert home, I start making art that shows my true feelings!

I struggled with this background all day long. First making it lovely, then making a disgusting muddy mess and then making it lovely again! A lovely stormy, monsoon-y sky. I am always amazed at how if I persevere long enough I am usually able to rescue a gross mess of paint and transform it into something lovely. And this one became a horrifying mess if you can believe it!

Many artists suggest working on more than one piece at a time for that very reason but I cannot seem to do that. I obsess over one painting until I can make it work! Painting over and over again with brayer, brush and knife until I finally get a background I like. Then the real challenge comes with the collage elements. I try to make things abstract and some times I succeed but this piece had a mind of it's own as you can see! The desert won.

Have a lovely week and turn off the news!


Robbie said...

Another favorite of mine!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a great piece. The background is dimensional. Love your shading. You'll be at the desert before you know it!!
xx, Carol