Saturday, September 17, 2016


Front cover
I recently had the wonderful opportunity of designing a lovely little book for an old friend and fabulous photographer Maureen Neville. You can see the front cover in the above photo.

Maureen and I first met when we were both living in Key West, Florida back in the 1970's. She has always had a real sense of adventure which I have always admired since I am such a homebody and rarely venture beyond the neighborhood! As long as I have known her she has always had a camera in her hand!  At one point we both were living in upstate NY and even though I have moved away from there, we have managed to keep in touch and now with Facebook we are even better able to do that.

You may remember that before I retired I was a graphic designer for a couple of text book publishers. Houghton Mifflin and Pearson Education. I loved my job very much and sometimes I do miss it even though I love painting right now. When Maureen told me that she had been trying to create a book of her photography on Shutterfly but was having some problems with their web site, I couldn't help but jump at the chance to help out an old friend since it was my field of expertise and I do love making books!

 Shutterfly does use very good quality paper unlike some of the other online publishers. Their software does take some getting used to and is not really very user friendly. I think they want you to use their designers and that is OK for snapshots of kids and pets and such but not for serious artwork as her photographs are. We used Dropbox as a place where she could place the photos (she lives in Pennsylvania now and I live in Boston and so we were working remotely).  Dropbox works very well for that since the photos were too large to send via email.

Here are a couple of interior pages from the book:

Interior page (recto)

Interior page (recto)
You can find Maureen's lovely photos on her blog The Neville Lens: Pictures and Words.


Robbie said...

Photos look great! And so nice of you to help out as a this saying...."to have a friend is to be a friend"....

Sharmon Davidson said...

Roberta, the book looks wonderful and very professional, which I'm sure is due to your expertise with layout and design. And your friend's photos are beautiful!