Thursday, September 22, 2016


I am having a bit of creative block right now. Well at least on good paper that is. My sketchbook is going great guns however! I am hoping that some of these rough sketches will somehow translate into more complete work. But for now I am filling my sketchbook with these small collages and getting lots of new ideas. I seem to be in a stripe phase right now. I like the way they look when they are going in two directions next to each other.

I have also been making stamps to paint my papers with and that has been a relaxing bit of fun for a change.

Here are a few more from the sketchbook:

This looks like some kind of alien to me!

I love these little flower thingies.


jac said...

I like your flower thingies too

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yup, those wispy stemmy thingies make it perfect. They look like some I have growing in the pond...the ones with the little bumps on them. Mine have them but they never bud or anything...they just are. Don't you love things that "just are"? They have a purpose or they wouldn't be there, but they make you wonder what it is. Might be to make you wonder.
xx, Carol

Wendy Watson said...

I can imagine this little flower thingies in all sorts of shapes . . . as they are, long and trumpety, groups and singlely . . . endless opportunities to play with their gorgeousness.