Saturday, September 3, 2016


Passing Through the World
I have returned from Tucson. It is always hard to come back to reality. At least this reality. There are so many things I want to be doing out there. Number one of course is setting up my studio. I can't bring much in the way of art supplies onto the plane. So I end up bringing gel pens, crayons, and a sketchbook. I wanted to bring some collage materials but then I would need to bring medium which is NOT allowed on the plane. I did bring a glue stick and made some small collages in my sketchbook but the glue stick does not adhere that well and I can't do much with it. Basically they were just collaged sketches. I thought of buying some supplies for out there but it just seems like a waste since I am never out there for long enough periods to really utilize them. And I have so many art supplies here already. So I will just have to keep doing what I am doing for now until the move when I can ship all my stuff out there. I do try and always leave something there each time. This time I left my Caran D'Arche neocolors out there. Plus a blank sketchbook and some pens.

It is very hard for me living in two places. Especially when you really are not a two places kind of person. As an artist, I just want to go into my same studio every day and do the work.

Anyway, yesterday I made this collage which is a little bit different than my usual collage. It is created from only cut pieces of paper. No painted background this time.

I have been enjoying making patterned paper using gesso for texture.You can do some very interesting mark making with gesso. When it is dry, I scrape paint onto the paper and it gets trapped in the marks and makes them look quite lovely and interesting.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone......


Kate Fernyhough said...

I love this collage, the choice of colours, the way the background is built up of squares, and those amazing rings floating on top. Best wishes :)

Wendy Watson said...

Your work has really piqued my interest in collage . . . I really like this one Roberta.