Friday, October 7, 2016


I have been trying out some new color combinations over the past few days. It feels good to change things up sometimes. I used colors such as Paynes Grey, Van Dyke Brown, Transparent Iron Oxide and Titan Buff. I also bought some paper punches. The kind people use for scrapbooking and card making. The are nice for making perfect circles and especially the tiny little circles. When I punched out the smaller circles  I thought they looked very much like gears. This piece has an industrial feel which is quite different for me and my usual flower/plant imagery. I have been trying to be more abstract but abstraction does not come easy to me.

Here are a couple others in that same color palette:

Lotus Flower

Moon Over Cactus
We have a really long weekend coming up. Not sure I like the idea that the kids are out of school for 3 days next week. I get it that they are off on Columbus Day and I get it that they are off for Yom Kippur on Wednesday, but Tuesday also? Are they kidding? I am not too happy about that. Oh well.

Have a nice weekend!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Off for Yom Kippur? NEVER happen in my area. This conservative area thinks Christian is the end all religion. No intent to offend. I suppose the day in between the holiday would be useless in school anyway. The would never settle in between two days off.

I LOVE abstract. I would never be able to create it. My mind cannot THINK abstract and I can never just enjoy it. Like the clouds, I must always look for SOMETHING the artist has hidden. Your pieces look a little beginning steampunk.

Hope you survive next week!
xx, Carol

Robbie said...

WOW! These are just WOW!!!! They would also male great note cards!!!! You really need to do that!!! I'll be your first customer!