Saturday, October 22, 2016


Circle in the Sand
Well, here we are nearing the end of October. Soon all the crazy will be over and we can all get back to our lives hopefully. I know, for me, it cannot come soon enough. So much vitriol everywhere. My head is ready to explode. I can't even stand to go on Facebook any more with all the politics.

Anyway, the art and my swimming keeps me from going completely off the rails.

Speaking of art, the other day while I was hopping around the internet, reading all my blogs (I must subscribe to over 200 of them) but I don't always read all of them. I pick and choose by what grabs my attention. I learned a wonderful new technique from Caterina Giglio. The technique is monoprinting on aluminum foil. It is pretty simple. Just tape foil (the non stick kind) to a piece of cardboard and add some paint and print! You get some amazing patterns! All the papers on these two pieces were done on the foil plate.
It is very different than printing on the gel plate. A nice change really. I like it especially when the foil is new. You get these snowflake patterns where the paint did not adhere to the foil. After a while the paint builds up and you get a different look.

I am also having so much fun with my circle punches! I want them in every size now! Oh dear.....

Have a nice week!


Caterina Giglio said...

Roberta, I love your results, beautiful work! Thanks for the mention, it was so kind of you! Love your site and I will add it to my side bar!

Robbie said...

Very cool Roberta!! I went to Caterina's blog and signed up! Thanks for the link and info!!!

Claudia N. said...

Absolutely breathtaking!
Greetings from Vienna! Claudia x

Laura Chalifoux said...

I love this whole series, Roberta - but I think the "Reflections" piece is my favorite. So far. If you put a gun to my head and made me pick just one. Thanks for the link about aluminium foil's so simple, I think even I could do it. I'd actually love to try it on fabric...experiments must be made! xxoo - L.

Aine Scannell said...

oh by the way Roberta - there's a great video on YouTube of gelli printing with Akua inks with Amy Nack demonstrating. I think it's quite inspiring.