Friday, November 18, 2016



After what turned out to be a very depressing week with the election of a highly unqualified person to the highest office in the land, I found I could not concentrate on making art.

I am so glad that I ended up taking a couple of online classes this week which really helped me stay focused even though I did not feel like painting at all. I am just so sad for our country.

I made this small collage in Dar James's online class called "Cut Paper Collage." I also took her short workshop on hand painting paper. I just loved the class. I took it through Carla Sonheim's web site. Honestly of all the online classes I take, Carla's are the most fun and inspiring. All her teachers are amazing and talented. It was just what I needed to help me get through this.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Glad you found a way to focus. Lovely art too.

The following is a surprise to me, because most of the blogs I enjoy really never mention their political thoughts. This election has made it almost impossible for just about everyone not to express SOME thought about the outcome. What I am surprised about is that every single author of a blog that I enjoy reading has expressed dismay over the results. Granted, some have said nothing, but my best blog friends share my thought and I didn't know that before. Just an interesting bit of info.

I have buried my nose in a book, stitched and thoroughly cleaned several problem spots in the house. I think in January I'll be painting walls.

Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol

Robbie said...

So glad you made this's wonderful!! Isn't it interesting how this election affected SO many! I'm not a person to get depressed very often, if at all...BUT upon listening to Hillary's speech I cried!!! But as our current President said "the sun will come up in the morning" did...and we will get through this. I hope!

Aine Scannell said...

Oh Roberta

It's been an awful demonstration of how low the campaigning tactics can sink. I would hope that following this embarrassing display by Mr T.there might be a "code of conduct" established for the next presidential campaign..........but yes we were all appalled over here(UK) with what was going on and what was worse was that the media gave him just what he was aiming for - more and more and more exposure.

I bet H. is glad it is all over. It is sad that the first time a female was running for president - she had the misfortune to encounter that low life, and seemed to have to put up with that abuse. I wonder if there is anyone in an official capacity who 'monitors' the candidates conduct. If you don't wish to publish my comments Roberta - that's fine.

By the way and most importantly PLEASE do insert a FOLLOW BY EMAIL gadget on your blog so I can keep in touch with what you are doing thinking making feeling etc etc

best wishes

Aine (in the UK)

Michele Guthrie said...

Hi Roberta. I've been perusing your blog for the last hour or so, and I've enjoyed seeing your artistic evolution. I knew I had to stop and comment with this post. The political insanity and devastation, of course, continues, and for me art is even more important in these times. Thanks so much for sharing yours.