Monday, December 19, 2016


My class with Jane Davies has come to an end and as usual it was intense and satisfying. The only problem I had was keeping up with it due to the holiday season and a variety of things pulling me in several directions. But that is OK since I downloaded all the videos as well as the lessons so I can go back and do the exercises that I missed at any point in time.

One big takeaway from the class was the idea of making flat color samples in tones and shades. Normally I make my painted papers with lots of textures, stamps etc. This time I made flat colors. It was wonderful having so many colors to choose from and being able to audition the colors before hand. When I was in design school we used something called "Color Aid Paper". This was like making your own color aid paper with all your favorite colors! Really a great project and wonderful to collage with.

We leave this weekend for Arizona for the Christmas school vacation week. My grandson has been sick with a really bad cough for the last 10 days so today I took him to the doctor. He doesn't have bronchitis or anything so she said he was good to travel. It would be better if he stopped coughing before we get on the plane though! I can imagine all the dirty looks we will be getting but go we must!

So Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year! See you in 2017!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I always find it interesting how and when inspiration hits me. Sometimes like a ton of bricks.

There is an artist I follow on Facebook whose work I really love. She is a master of color. Her name is Barbara Marks. Of course I can never paint the way she does. With bright color I mean. My colors are always muted and I have learned to live with that! But one day she posted her test strips. Of course her test strips were as colorful as her paintings but the thing that inspired me was the actual painted strips of colors. I immediately began ripping up sheets of water color paper into 3" x 9" strips. And then I let loose with my strata of colors! When they were done I had all these lovely strips of colors......what to do with them? Of course I can never be finished until something representational is somewhere on my work. To me, my work isn't finished until that happens! So I added some collage work to them and that seemed to complete them.

I like them. I would love to go larger with them some time but perhaps the beauty is in the small size. Or maybe I will put some together as a triptych..... Possibilities are here.

Friday, December 9, 2016


This is a smallish series of collages I just made. They are actually postcard size, 4" x 6". I consider them to be like sketches and perhaps at a later date I will make something larger from them. I like working this small though. It is challenging design-wise.

Anyway, getting very cold here now. We head out to Arizona on Christmas Eve. Of course we are all very much looking forward to it. It has been another 4 months since we were last there. Sometimes it feels like a life time.....I am excited to have my best friend from high school coming out to stay with us. She has never been out to Arizona and she is looking for a place to retire.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!