Monday, December 19, 2016


My class with Jane Davies has come to an end and as usual it was intense and satisfying. The only problem I had was keeping up with it due to the holiday season and a variety of things pulling me in several directions. But that is OK since I downloaded all the videos as well as the lessons so I can go back and do the exercises that I missed at any point in time.

One big takeaway from the class was the idea of making flat color samples in tones and shades. Normally I make my painted papers with lots of textures, stamps etc. This time I made flat colors. It was wonderful having so many colors to choose from and being able to audition the colors before hand. When I was in design school we used something called "Color Aid Paper". This was like making your own color aid paper with all your favorite colors! Really a great project and wonderful to collage with.

We leave this weekend for Arizona for the Christmas school vacation week. My grandson has been sick with a really bad cough for the last 10 days so today I took him to the doctor. He doesn't have bronchitis or anything so she said he was good to travel. It would be better if he stopped coughing before we get on the plane though! I can imagine all the dirty looks we will be getting but go we must!

So Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year! See you in 2017!


Robbie said...

Get your grandson a mask then he won't bug others if he coughs...and if he does, too bad! ENJOY!!!! You deserve the trip and the sun/warmth will do everyone so much good! LOVE this class project you did! are so talented!!!

FarStarr said...

Merry Christmas, Roberta! I'll be thinking of you in your warmer place while I stay here in MA...I love Jane's classes too! She has been very influential in pushing me to explore paint.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning! Merry Christmas and have a safe trip. That gripping cough seems to be going around. I had a doc appt for another matter as I was not sick but am grateful that I didn't catch the bug that was going around the waiting room.

xx, Carol

jac said...

Enjoy the desert Here's wishing you a peaceful, happy and creative 2017