Monday, January 2, 2017


Backyard in the Foothills
We are back from our December trip to Tucson. Not a great trip this time I am afraid. The sewer pipe backed up twice into our bathtub, so we spent a lot of time with plumbers, the weather was cold and damp for the most part, our cat died while we were away and we both came home with awful colds. I still cannot hear out of my right ear and I can't taste food at all. Don't fly with a cold if you can help it. I thought my right eardrum was going to burst.

We did manage to get in a couple of nice days though. The day we drove down to Tubac was simply gorgeous! I have never seen Tubac so empty of people. I guess everyone must come after Christmas. Then we had a nice trip over to Tohono Chul Park where I bought a lovely piece of artwork from an artist who was new to me, Rand Carlson.

We had a lovely dinner with friends on Christmas day and again on New Years eve.

So now I am back in Boston. At least now I can say that I am moving out to Tucson full time next year. This has been a long grueling path which no one ever expected.

Here are some more photos from our trip:

A mantis egg casing at Tohono Chul Park

Some metal work from an old table
The Virgin of Guadalupe at Elvira's in Tubac


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning Roberta. Happy New Year. I fear there is going to be a lot of crud going around this winter in Northern Indiana. Our temps are on a roller coasters going from 48 (unseasonable) to plunge to 16 the next day and the precip goes from rain to snow and ice. Hope you feel better REAL quick. I think an earache is far worse than a toothache. Load up on the decongestants.
xx, Carol

Robbie said...

I am so sorry!!!! Hope you are feeling better....but you did have some good memories and great pictures!!! Happy New Year!!!