Sunday, January 29, 2017


2017 is not going so well so far for me. So much is going on right now in the family. In the country.  In the world. It is hard to breathe.

A couple of weeks ago my 92 year old  mom became quite ill with pneumonia and was hospitalized for well over a week. I really never thought she would survive as she was in dire straights. Her lungs were filled with fluid and her kidneys stopped functioning. But my mom rallied! She is now in the same facility as my dad. We are hoping that they will give her a permanent room there so she can at least go visit him every day. My 96 year old dad is not doing well at all. His dementia is worsening every day. During my mom's illness my beloved aunt from California came to visit. She too thought my mom was at the end of her life and she wanted to see her sister one more time.

When she went to see my dad, he did not know who she was. That was really hard for us. We went out in the hall and cried our eyes out together. They had always been close.

So I have been bringing clothes over to both of them. As well as things they will need to cozy up the rooms as much as they can be made to look cozy. Not that easy as the rooms are really small. I have been checking their mail every day over at the apartment. We also have to figure out what to do with all their possessions. They have a lot of stuff crammed into that apartment. The first thing I need to do and do soon is clear out all the food before it goes bad and starts to smell.

And as you can tell by now I have not been able to do any art really. Although I had signed up for something called Lifebook2017. I was not sure if this was anything I would like but I have been pleasantly surprised. The class is about self love really. And being kind to yourself as well as making art. We get a new project each week for one year. These will become pages in our life book which we will bind at the end of the year.

Last weeks class was really interesting. We had to make a story board using stick figures. We had to tell a story in 3 frames. The teacher, Mandy, encouraged us to draw about something that was hard for us to speak about. There were some pretty powerful stories from my class mates. The example that Mandy used was how she felt nothing when her grandmother died.  Talk about sharing a powerful feeling. I adored my grandmother so I thought her story was pretty heartbreaking.

I did have my own grandmother story to tell though. You can see it above. No explanation needed!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Roberta.
I can relate to your story board!! I sure hope things go well for your parents. I know how hard it is to deal with aging parents who are not well. Funny, when I was young I just assumed everyone just in their sleep. I never knew or thought about lingering in ill health. I had that with my parents and I know how hard it is. Many prayers for you.
xx, Carol

Gayle said...

Raw honesty is such a beautiful thing (even if the things being spoken of are not always the "beautiful" aspects of life, but some pretty awful things that are all part and parcel of the human experience). Openness about one's feelings and situations makes us realize we are not alone in the rocky parts of the journey and makes us want to hang on, be more understanding, compassionate and less hopeless about our own situations. Such a relief from the glossed over, air-brushed, glamoured up and "I'm having the time of my life" deluge of happy selfies that plug up the arteries of truth on Facebook pages, and similar other similar publications - Your beautiful artwork, that just keeps getting better and better, is a tribute to your tenacity, inner strength and deep well of creativity. Keep on keeping on and spreading the love!!

Gina said...

Sorry to hear you've had a hard time lately and hope things work out for your parents x

Robbie said... are are will survive!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

very sorry to hear of your situation with your parents, it is not easy, and we all have to go thru that passage, I hope you find the time to make art, even if it is to put a little book and pencil in your purse and scribble doodles from time to time.. sending you big loving vibes..