Sunday, March 5, 2017


Rachel Slick
Handmade book by Bobbie Wilson
Handmade Book by Gretchen Bierbaum
Fabric Collage by Janet Windsor
Fabric Collage by Janet Windsor
This is my first post since returning from Tucson as well as my first post in quite some time. We had a lovely trip although it could have been warmer but I am not complaining since it is 14 degrees here this morning in Boston.

As usual we visited our very favorite place, Tohono Chul Park and as usual there was a wonderful art exhibit in their gallery. Handmade books, quilted fabrics, and lovely paintings greeted us. You can see a few of those in the above photos I took.

I loved the handmade books best of all. I just wish there was a way to look inside them but alas, they were under glass as handmade books usually are for protection of course.

We also did a lot of decorating in the house. We bought 3 new pieces of metal collage by Rand Carlson when we visited him in his studio! And what a studio it was! Huge and filled with all manner of artwork both finished and in process.  Metal pieces everywhere as well as old antique lunch boxes, pop corn tins, cookie tins etc. He really does amazing work with old metal tins.

My very dear friend Barbara gave us a lovely piece of her sculpture for a housewarming gift.

We also bought two "nyger socks" for feeding the birds. The nyger seeds attract the loveliest yellow birds. I don't know what they are called but the birds hang all over the "sock" which is an elongated net bag. They pull the tiny seeds out through the holes with their beaks.

We also attended a lovely event sponsored by the Neighborhood Watch committee (of which I am a member). I usually never get to attend any of the book club meetings or the pot lucks since I am never out there when those things are happening. This time I was able to attend and I met some of my new neighbors! What a treat that was for us both.

This February marked the second full year since buying our home in February of 2015 and not being able to live in it.  We are longing to make our move and the waiting gets no easier especially as we age and feel the rush of time going by.

Have a great week everyone!


Caterina Giglio said...

Oh, I know that longing.. We had a few years of it before we were able to retire in
FL. .... But when you finally get there, you will have great appreciation and peace.. X

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yellow finch love the Niger seed at my house. Sadly I had to stop putting it out because either raccoons or opossum were tearing the socks. Time does fly by, but when you are waiting for a big being able to does seem to drone on.

I am patiently waiting for March 22 when I hope the doc says I can walk again!
xx, CArol

Robbie said...

Glad you had a good are parents???

My name is Erika. said...

I know, coming home to the cold is tough, isn't it? I love the art you showed today. You must be having fun fixing up your house in Tucson. How often to do you get out there? Happy end of the day Tuesday. Hugs-Erika