Sunday, July 23, 2017


Tres Fleurs
Well, here we are in Week 5 of camp. That is how we measure our summers. Camp is 8 weeks long and we are now in Week 5.  It means that summer is half over. July has been a mixed bag weather wise. It has been really hot and then the next day the temps plummet. Today we are in the 60's again after being in the upper 80's all week. New England is like that. We have a saying that there are two seasons here. Winter and the 4th of July.

My grandson is heading into his senior year. I am not sure what to expect really. Especially since he  has no plans that I can tell for his post high school days. It is worrisome but there is only so much that we can do. He has to motivate himself. We cannot do it for him. Hopefully once he sees all his friends making their plans he will step up to the plate. I won't lie. It is concerning.

In a few weeks we will head out to Arizona for 17 days. My grandson does not want to come with us and so we are leaving him here where he will take care of the cat as well as himself. We have plenty of places to walk to to get food and takeout so I know he won't starve. I have been walking around all week picking up menus. Chinese, Vietnamese, sushi, pizza, deli, Mexican, Indian, etc. Many more. In fact, that is all we have here. There are no stores to speak of. Just eateries. That is what city life is like these days. Also, Trader Joe's is less than a block away. So he should be fine. I will leave an extra set of keys with my son who has also agreed to check in from time to time. My grandson will be 18 in just a few months and we feel this will be good practice for him when he finally, hopefully fledges.

I am looking forward to going out there, however, the trips back and forth are truly getting old. I will be glad not to have to do too many more of these. They are wearing me out both physically and financially. I am not a big traveler. We have August, December and then we are not sure about February and April. We will be getting the condo here ready to sell and may not be able to get out there. We will have to see.

I am still trying to paint every day. Lately trying my hand at a variety of under painting techniques. I seem to like the reds or rusts under the greens the best. I think that is because they are complimentary colors and the red makes the greens really richer. I am going to go to the art store in Tucson and buy some supplies so I can paint out there. I haven't really done that since I am usually only out there for short periods. But 17 days is too long to be without some paint. I wish I could bring them on the plane but paints are just not allowed.

That is it for today. Have a good week!


Connie Rose said...

I just love these paintings, Roberta. Each one seems more fantastic than the last! Are you selling them now at Etsy? I hope you are and I hope they're selling, although we know how dicey Etsy can be for actual sales.
Keeping my fingers crossed along with you on your GS's fledge at the end of next school year. What amazing people you and your hubs are for raising him.
Looking forward to your photos of your trip to the desert. I love the desert, too, despite the debilitating heat. Hope the air in AZ is still clear and dry these days.
Be well.

Robbie said...

Could you ship a small box of paints out west to a friend/neighbor? I've, at times, sent boxe south just because there's only so much space in our SUV! I'm sure you'll have a great trip.....grandson will be fine too and it's a good trial for him.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm sure your grandson will be fine. The grandson we raised hustled a buck all the time. Our schools provide career training in various choices and luckily he learned and is talented at painting cars. The grandson my daughter raised has a part time job as a youth minister for his church. But I have to tell you he has never had motivation to find a job that provides a living wage and has no interest in learning to drive. He's not lazy by any means, but we worry how he will make it on his own when he has to. Millennials!
xx, Carol