Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Studio View

We are finally here again! The desert is so green I hardly recognize it! And it smells wonderful. It is a different kind of smell. I have been told I am smelling the creosote trees.

On Monday the window cleaner came and switched the screens for me. Here in Arizona many windows have sunscreens on them which blocks much of the light. The screen in my studio had one of these sunscreens as well as a regular screen. Having both screens made a moire pattern which was impossible to see out of. I was missing all the action! It is a lovely side yard as you can see in the photo above and there is always some activity going on. There are roadrunners on the lookout for lizards to eat, there are hummingbirds and tons of cardinals! Once there was even a falcon in one of the trees.

As you can see this is a much nicer view than back east where all I see is traffic, trucks, and people.

I bought myself a new bike to have out here. So I won't need to bring my old one. I will have plenty of people to take all the things I no longer need or want. My move is beginning to feel more real to me although I still have one more winter to endure.

The pool here has been a delight in the evenings with no other people in it! Most of the people who live  in my complex are snowbirds and so they are not here in summer. It is very quiet and peaceful now. Just lovely.

This cactus is also in my studio view but I couldn't capture it in one photo. It is a lovely and stately old saguaro. I think that was one of the reasons I bought this place! For the saguaro in the yard!

Well, enjoy your week. I know I will!


Robbie said...

So glad you are out west and by the sounds of it, enjoying life already!!! Be careful on that bike!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh gosh! What a heavenly place. Time will fly when you get back home and prep for the final move!!
xx, Carol