Sunday, September 3, 2017


Today is our last day here in the enveloping warmth that is Tucson in the summer. I tell people that being here in summer is like being wrapped in a warm blanket. It feels good to me since I am always cold back east.

It has been truly lovely to actually spend extra time here and get to really live in our house. When we are here for only a week, it is hard to buy food or cook or anything like that. This time we shopped for food twice, we cooked some lovely meals and ate out as well. I still don't have the proper pans here though. I need to bring my All Clad set with me since they are now twice the price they were when I bought them. It will be cheaper to ship them.

The best part was going to the art supply store and setting up a real painting space here. I managed to complete a couple of pieces and that was exciting. Normally I can only sketch or work in pens and markers. This time I was able to work in acrylics as well. I can't post them since the scanner I bought for out here is horrible. It is one of those printer/scanner things and the color control is awful.  I will have to bring my real dedicated Epson scanner out in June.

When we go back to Boston tomorrow we will seriously begin to downsize, give away, toss etc.

I am sad to always have to leave here. But the good news is that we are down to 9 more months of living in Boston. I am going to try and stay focused on the move and getting ready for the move even though I know that there are going to be multiple stressful issues to deal with when I get back that do not include the move.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Robbie said...

Glad you had this time to decompress! Sounds like you really enjoyed your time. 9 Months will go by quick!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I remember when you first found out that you would not be able to move to Tuscon as soon as you had planned. That seems AGES ago. I can say the time has flown by for me, but maybe not as quickly for you. I'll be happy to see you finally settled in the warm climate. People should be able to be where they want to be, when they want to be there.
xx, Carol