Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Golden Scale
The downsizing is moving along in full throttle now! I am getting serious and trying to do something every day. Today I schlepped 2 carts full of books to the local used bookstore. I always email them first with a list of titles to be sure they want them. I made the mistake once of going over there without doing that first and ended up bringing half of them back.

They take books on Wednesday-Saturday so I am going to try and go each day that they take books and get rid of as many as I can. Whatever they don't take I will donate to the library.

It is funny. I thought I could never part with my books. I have many wonderful art books that I have been carting around for years. Why? I rarely look at them after the initial perusal. There are of course a few I cannot part with as I do look at them often since they inspire my own work. But the rest I will let someone else look at for a while.

The realtor has told me I need to get rid of half of my with that in mind I am working hard at it. I would like to get as much done as possible before the snow flies since then it won't be so easy to get around.

And, now this is big.......drum roll please........ when my husband and I go out to Tucson for Christmas, I will be staying for the entire month of January. By.  Myself.  Yes, you heard me. I am leaving them for an entire month to fend for themselves. I really need it. There is no way I can make it through this last winter without a break of some kind. And I really need a break from all my responsibilities. My grandson will be 18 by then and so the court order I am under will be null and void. I will be somewhat of a free bird......this is big.

We can't both leave at the same time since one of us has to be here to make sure my grandson gets off to school and to his job.  Plus my husband is having some dental work done and so he has to stick around for a bit.

Today I ordered boxes so I will ship stuff out to Arizona while I am there. Just shipping most of my art supplies and artwork out there should get rid of at least half my stuff here! Ha!

I am feeling more optimistic than I have in a very long time. The wheels for the move are beginning to turn. I feel like we have waited far too long since we first made the decision to move 3 years ago.


Robbie said...

That month will do you SO much good!!! So happy for you. we all need that 'mental' break from time to time. That's the 'up' you need...yea, yea..yea...

Connie Rose said...

I'm so glad to hear your good news! Hang in there, it's happening! xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This post makes me so happy for you. When Corey moved back in to our home, as you know we also gained Alyssa and Nic. What is now Nic's room was a storage room. I had to Purge and Purge some more. Then find other storage places for totes of things I want to keep to use. Like you, I was surprised at the things I could give up. Go through it all once and it's hard to be separated. Go through it again and it gets easier. The third time is absolutely freeing. I'm not real good at selling things, and I have taken many books to the library drop box hoping they could use or sell them. The library is so important to me.

I'm so happy that you will spend a month away in a place you love. You GOT THIS!!
xx, Carol