Thursday, October 26, 2017


Abstract Landscape
The downsizing is coming along nicely. Still purging books, emptying out drawers filled with more junk than can be imagined. It is amazing how much useless stuff one can keep in spite of trying to keep up with things.

Still bringing books to the book store. I took all my family photos out of their frames and will just keep the photos. Shipping boxes out to Arizona is very expensive. Around $50 per box.  I am hoping to keep it down to under 25 boxes. Not that easy but I am really going to try. I am using boxes that are 14" x 14". That should suffice for most things except the larger pieces of art. I am still not sure what to do about that. I have tossed out a lot of old art but there are some paintings I really don't want to throw away. I think every artist wonders what to do with all the art sitting/hanging around all over the house! I also have many paintings done by artist friends and I really want to keep those.

I am still doing some painting. All the downsizing and schlepping is quite exhausting and stressful and keeping my art practice going is vital for my sanity.

I have been working with palette knives instead of brushes lately. I really enjoy using them. There are no brush strokes and the paint color seems brighter. Clearer. I do clean my brushes after each color but somehow the color seems much brighter using the knives. Besides, trying something new in my art is always enlightening and leads to new ideas and techniques.

Have a great week!


Robbie said...

Glad your downsizing is coming along! Yikes...cost of that UPS, FEDx or USPS? I would think your art work would sell out's always looked so southwest to me. I hope you pursue that avenue when you get settled. Enjoy the weekend!

Roberta Warshaw said...

That is UPS. USPS can be iffy though. I will send a few things that way though. Still cheaper than hiring a mover.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Roberta
Have you given any thought to shipping VIA freight? Perhaps all those boxes on one pallet would be less expensive than shipping separately. FedEX ships via freight if the weight is more than 75# and will ship on a pallet as well. It might be worth looking into.
xx, Carol

tgarrett said...

Roberta- I haven't commented on your blogs for way way too long- I enjoy it so.Like you we have had a very stressful year- lots of health stuff family issues and like you we are preparing for a move- Our house goes back on the market this spring and it's New Mexico here we come.
I love that you try different things. You are inspirational! Thank you for sharing your work with us. I wish you continued energy in the thinning- as it is daunting work.