Sunday, January 14, 2018


Plant Growing in the Desert
I am halfway though my month in Tucson and I am still very much enjoying my time here. My house feels more like home every day rather than just a place I visit. I managed to make a small piece of art yesterday. You can see the effect that the desert colors are having already.

I have been reading, relaxing, meeting new people, riding my bike, napping, and doing lots of walking.

Last night I had the opportunity to look through a high powered telescope! That was something I had never done before. It was really enjoyable and I learned so much about space and the stars from a professional astronomer.

The best part about being here is that I am not waiting. Back east I am in a holding pattern where I am just waiting, waiting, waiting. That is no way to live. My art helps me keep the waiting at bay somewhat,  but mostly I am waiting when I am there. Waiting to be able to finish packing, waiting to sell the condo, waiting to finally make the last trip out here with no return flight needed. It is very hard for me as I am not a patient person and have already had to wait too long. Three years is a long time to live in a holding pattern and not a very healthy way to live either.

But it is hopefully coming soon.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love the red pop of color. That is a particular technique that I always enjoy.

Well Roberta. I thought about this post for a moment and realize that most people ARE waiting. Whether it's procrastination, or anticipation or just plain waiting on someone else's whim, most people are WAITING. Though you have a MAJOR wait, I have several smaller ones. Waiting to have the privacy of my home back (when my grandson and his family move west). I'm waiting for the next month to pass until my little dog can be neutered. Little waits, but annoying none the less.

You are in the home stretch now, and TIME FLYS!!
xx, CArol