Friday, January 5, 2018


Studio View
The end of my first week alone out here in Tucson and I do feel as though I have died and gone to heaven. Every day is my own to do with as I please. Hiking, biking, walking at dinner time. Every so often I need to pinch myself! Seriously!

The weather has been sublime. 70's every day. The birds are singing away!

My 13 boxes arrived pretty much unscathed. Although there were two containers of paint that spilled. It was my own fault really for not making sure the lids were on tight enough. I need to make sure I do that when I ship out the rest of my paints. But other than that, everything arrived safely via UPS. It is a really great way to move if you don't have furniture!

The only thing I find stressful is driving out here. It is not fun. And I am a Boston driver! But the roads are very wide and there is more room for accidents! I am not used to having that much space to make a left hand turn. There are not one but two lanes for left hand turns. It is pretty stressful. Some left turns have arrows before the green light and some after the green light. Some have no arrows at all and then it is a free for all. Up here in the foothills traffic is pretty light but past River Road it gets a little crazy!

Luckily I live very close to Whole Foods and Bashas but Trader Joe's is a little too far. I haven't driven there yet and probably won't. Whole Foods and Bashas will be good enough for me!

One thing I need to remember is to bring my shopping list with me whenever I go out since making multiple trips out for groceries as I do in Brookline, does not make sense here.

I have to admit that I have not done much painting since being here. I have however, hung a lot of my art on the walls and they really look wonderful! Some of my older collage works look fantastic. I had forgotten about those pieces as they were buried under all the other more recent art.

I always want to be outside walking, hiking, and biking. Being inside even to paint is not appealing right now. I will have plenty of time to paint when I have to leave here so I am focusing on getting much needed fresh air and exercise.

I am also eating mostly vegetarian here. I can't do that when I am cooking for my family as they don't eat vegetables. They would be looking for the "meat"

Love, from sunny Arizona!


Maureen said...

Sounds idyllic, especially the time outside. Savor every moment. It sounds like you are.

Candace said...

Haha, don’t come up and drive in Phoenix then. I wonder if the difference between “lagging left” and “leading left” is because it’s different jurisdictions? That is how it is here, with all the cities next to each other. Scottsdale does it one way, Phoenix does it opposite, etc., so you have to keep being aware of which town you’re in. I do like how our lanes and roads are wider, though. When I go back to the Midwest, I feel all trapped in by the narrow lines, like I’m going to hit the cars next to me.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The last line made me think of a commercial that aired here years ago...Arby's...the catch line was Were's The Beef!

Glad you are enjoying your Vaca. It's a different life that you can embrace.
xx, Carol

Aimeslee Winans said...

Glad you are there enjoying the weather and freedom. We all need alone time. I'll bet your art looks fabulous hung there. xoxo